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This is a personal practice based, monthly subscription that entices you to stay engaged in meeting yourself in your body on a regular basis – no matter whether you are new to this level of emotional alchemy, it’s about starting from exactly where you already are now.

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  • Access to 3 years of recorded embodiment classes, somatic meditations + more, 24/7
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“I absolutely LOVE Tigress and everything that you are, Devashi. This is the most unique feminine yogic practice, I have never resonated with yoga really, so it is such a delight to have found you. Tigress has helped me open my sacral/sexual energy centres in the most gentle and loving of ways, with effects such as greater pleasure, bliss: you won't be the same after you try it.“


“What a service you are offering to women, to humanity Devashi. You are teaching women what women have forgotten to do - to follow their body in its natural rhythm and movement . What a gift! Women need to hear about this and if they choose, make it their daily practice. Wonderful work.“

Nisha Gill

“As a student of Dévashi’s I am constantly blown away by her depth of understanding, passion and creativity in facilitating women’s direct access to their own divine gifts. The culture and community which Dévashi has created encourages me to embrace joy and pleasure on all levels as my birthright, not something I have to “deserve” or “earn”, and certainly not something I have to apologise for ever again! My doing so has re-set the reference point for all those in my realm, including the women with whom I have the honour of sharing these profound practices. Thank you Dévashi for shining the torch so brightly. You are simply a living treasure“


“Devashi is an amazingly sensual woman who has inspired me to dive deeper into my divine feminine self. She holds an encouraging, nourishing and supportive environment that creates a sacred space for all women to explore the infinite depths of their being.“


“Tigress played an instrumental part in helping me prepare for the most empowered, ecstatic experience of my life - the undisturbed birth of my second son, at home. Deeply grateful to be a part of this new story writing itself through our bodies.“
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