Awakening & deepening sensuality at home
In Your Body In Just 20 Minutes A Day
Awaken your sensuality, calm your mind and connect with the source of your female power.

Let go of tension, live in alignment with your days and gently rejuvenate your sensual-sexual vitality.

If you are tired of fighting negative thoughts, relationship anxiety, and you want to transform your fatigue & frustration into feminine flow.... this Sensual Rejuvenation guide is an absolute must.
With an easy to follow video & audio guide, a morning meditation and a handy checklist, you now have all the support and ease you need to enjoy your feminine embodiment ritual at home.
  Nourishing your feminine energy is now possible in only 20 minutes a day.
"This video makes me feel extremely sexual!  
I really enjoyed it & the music is epic, 
I feel incredible now."
– Magida, NLP Coach + Marketing Expert
The tools you need to live in true feminine alignment and joy, are now at the touch of your gorgeous fingertips.
QUICK AND EASY VIDEO GUIDE of a 20 minute sensual rejuvenation practice to get out of your head, nourish vital feminine centres, release tension from your body, and rejuvenate your vitality (especially kidneys and ovaries), reconnecting you to your pleasure, peace and sensuality.
A MORNING MEDITATION AUDIO to calm your mind, release emotional blockages and let go of negativity, to align with your higher feminine self, for abundant energy that leaves you guided by your inner womanly wisdom. Note: women LOVE listening to this to start their day!
AN AUDIO VERSION OF THE VIDEO so you don't need to watch the video every time & so you can play your own music....although the music in the video version is amazing, by the epic Australian artist Deya Dova. 

A TAKE-ANYWHERE SENSUALITY CHECKLIST of practical pleasure tips, as well as your practice broken down into simple summarised steps, with other helpful suggestions. 

AND a personal coaching FAQ guide, for support as you feel your feminine energy awaken in your body, from doing this practice.
Best of all, the whole toolkit is at your fingertips with our access-anytime online format, perfect for your computer, ipad or phone.
To me the practice feels like coming home to myself. I feel like I am taking up more space in my body afterwards. I thought I was a really grounded woman, but after this practice I realize how now it feels to REALLY take up space inside of my own body.

– Lisa, Entrepreneur
Dévashi is an amazingly sensual woman who has inspired me to dive deeper into my divine feminine self. She holds an encouraging, nourishing and supportive environment that creates a sacred space for all women to explore the infinite depths of their being. Sensual Rejuvenation has invited me to access parts of my being that I had long lost touch with. I am constantly reminded of the power that lies within when I surrender to the moment and fully embody the woman I am. Here in these moments when I quieten my critical mind and let go of all my inhibitions, I reconnect with myself and embrace the source of all life and love.

– Emily Perrinjaquet, Shiatsu Therapist
Whether you are brand new to feminine embodiment, or you are an experienced teacher of yoga or women’s mysteries,
you will really benefit from this.
It gives you access to a very effective, enjoyable & easy to follow self love ritual, that can effortlessly fit into your day. It also gives you a taste of what’s to come, to get you started before joining the full online course, 'Evolutionary Woman', if you want to go deeper. 

Best of all, this Sensual Rejuvenation experience, will touch the hearts of everyone you meet, just by being in your presence – children, colleagues, partners and family will feel the warm flow of love emanate from every cell of your being. Thousands of women are feeling the results of this in their lives right now.
I was feeling like I could only experience deep sensual bliss if there was a male energy in my life to fill me. But with Tigress I feel full, like I am filling my own cup. It reminds me of how I once felt with a lover, where he took me into such deep caverns of ecstasy, that I felt like my entire ego was dissolving and I was melting into the Universe. But now I don’t need that man or anything outside myself to experience that; I only need myself. And that feels like a pretty powerful place to be standing in.

– Carla Lux, Florist.
Your path to sensual fulfilment, inner love and a life of feminine, empowered flow is about to get richer and more exciting – and you can begin right now.
Invest in your happiness and transform your
mornings forever with a one-time payment of only AUD$49.
This product is non refundable so please choose your purchase carefully. 

Is this product included in Dévashi's full online membership course, 'Evolutionary Woman'?
No, this Sensual Rejuvenation product is NOT included in the full online course.
A leading pioneer of Integrated Female Alchemy, Dévashi Shakti has guided thousands of women worldwide for about 20 years as a confidante, therapist and somatic educator of female sexual wisdom teachings. With extensive training in both Eastern & Western approaches to Holistic Sexuality, she is the Founder of the western world’s first tantric yoga school for woman’s body – Tigress®. She also offers 'Sacred Female Embodiment Yoga' Teacher Training, and 'Feminine Medicine Coaching' Certification training, for women called to be of service as professionals in the global Feminine Awakening. 
Invest in your happiness and start to transform your
life forever for a one-time payment of only AUD$49.
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